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Tide Plotter

7 usd

Tide Plotter for the Android developed to supplement the extremely popular Windows version.No internet connection is necessary after the initial installation and contains data up to the end of 2016. Just carry around all your tidal information for the next two years in your pocket without worrying about an internet connection. It is far more than just Tide Tables.Key features:Predictions for 2015 and 2016
No internet connection required, the data is stored within the application
Daily tidal graphs showing times, heights, time zone, with the drop to the next low water, sunrise and sunset
Height times at any time of the day
Monthly tables with times and heights
A find facility to produce tables of the time at a pre determined tide height. Absolutely ideal for producing tables for when the lock opens, when to get over the bar etc.
No adverts
Must have for any user of tidal waters.